MnB Exclusive Interview with Hoodie Allen

Music & Babes: Interview with Hoodie Allen

Q: Why don’t you start us off by telling us about your background, and how you got started in the music industry.

A: I've been making music since I was about 15 (I'm 21 now) and I don't know if I'm quite "in the music industry" I just love making music and it's great to see people be receptive to it and enjoy what I do

Q. Any musical inspirations? Who are your favorite rappers or any other musical 
artists of all time?

A: Completely inspired growing up by Outkast, Beastie Boys, and Mos Def. That's what made me fall in love with hip hop.

Q. One person to feature on one of your tracks. Who would it be?

A: Amy Winehouse. I think she's an incredible talent.
Q. What’s next for Hoodie Allen, upcoming albums, singles, mixtapes?

A: I will be releasing a few more songs in anticipation of my free mixtape, Pep Rally, due out sometime this Fall very very soon.

Q. Who should be MnB’s next babe of the month, a.k.a, Ms. September?

A: Kelly Brook, you're welcome

Q. What was the process in making your hit song, and my personal favorite, You Are Not A Robot? How did you decide that you wanted to sample Marina & The Diamonds?

A: I love Marina's album The Family Jewels and wanted to see if I could pay homage to it the only way I know how, which is to put my own spin on it so I sampled the song and "You Are Not A Robot" was born. The attention received was way more than I could have ever imagined.

Q. Both You Are Not a Robot and Words of Wisdom have peaked at #1 on the Hype Machine. Thinkin Threepeat? Are there any songs in the process that you have in mind?

A: From your mouth, to hype machine's ears, lets get that threepeat

Q. Are you thinking about/planning on touring the New Jersey/New York area sometime soon? I’ve heard rumors your doing a show with Webby in NY. Any truth?

A: I believe that it is confirmed I will be playing a show with Chris Webby on October 2 in NYC at Webster Hall. Excited to play at such a great venue!

Q. Alright Hoodie, thanks for your time, and be sure to let us know when you’re dropping some fresh tracks. Do you have any last words for our viewers at MnB?

A: Just thanks to everyone who have been downloading the music and I hope I get to perform in your city soon

Download some of Hoodie Allen's stuff below:

MnB Exclusive Interview with Mo Sabri of Overnight Classic
August 18, 2010

Music & Babes: Interview with Mo Sabri of Overnight Classic

Q: So Mo, give us a little background on yourself. Where your from, when you started making some music, did you have any major inspirations?

I'm repping the state Tennessee! I'm from a town called Johnson City. I started making music after I learned how to play guitar in high school. I've always listened to all types of music: hip-hop, rock, techno, everything. Eminem, Kanye, Tupac, and Run DMC are some of my biggest inspirations. Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands so I payed homage to them through my first single "What's Your Name Again?".

Q: How did Overnight Classic come about and where did you come up with the

Overnight Classic just popped in my head one day during senior year of high school and it sounded dope!  Plus it kind of describes the increase in popularity that we've been getting in such short time! People have just been spreading our videos through word of mouth on facebook and we're getting hundreds of thousands of views. I'm stoked to see this type of response from the fans!

Q: Are you currently working on any upcoming singles, mixtapes,
albums etc. that the fans should be looking forward to?

Yeah, we plan on shooting the video for "Love" featuring Elton John soon. Also, I'm currently in the studio working on the next album! But my debut album "Alter Ego" just released a few weeks ago so make sure y'all get that! (

Q: Who would you most want to be on a track with out of any musical artist, hip-hop
or not?

B.o.B! He's one of my favorite artists and he recently gave me and Lupe Fiasco a cameo in one of his videos (The Adventures of Bobby Ray episode 5). I really like his style and flow.

Q: What one word would you use to describe Overnight Classic’s style?


Q: What are your favorite movies and songs of all-time? Why?

I have a lot of favorite movies! Grandma's Boy with Jonah Hill is hilarious, y'all need to watch it. I also like Lord of the homo! The soundtrack on that is amazing. I was trained in classical guitar so I really appreciate a movie with a great soundtrack. 

I have way too many favorite songs! It's probably because I listen to literally every genre (other than country).

Q: Any upcoming concerts? Have you thought about coming up to the northeast?
Maybe having a show in Jersey or New York?

Yeah, right now we are booking concerts and also college shows. We have a lot of big things planned but we're not announcing just yet! But if you go to college or have friends that do, book Overnight Classic to play at your frat or college concert! (

Q: Last Question: We’re not hoes, and we’re not tens, but will you ever
remember our names at Music & Babes again? (If you don’t get this u gotta blast
Overnight Classic’s hit single, What’s Your Name Again, from their album Alter
Ego. Cop that hot track and the rest of Overnight Classic’s album on Itunes)

Haha of course I will remember! I'd never forget my supporters. Hit me up at

Download 4 of Overnight Classic's biggest hits from his album Alter Ego below:

MnB Exclusive Interview with Big Z
August 18, 2010

Music & Babes: Interview with Big Z of Big Z Remixes

Q: Big Z, why don’t you start by giving us a little background on yourself and how you got started in the music industry?

A: Most people don’t know that I’m only 16 and just started all this around a year ago. I started playin guitar a few years ago and recorded indie songs with my neighbor and my brother Chad. Then I decided to put some rap acapellas over the songs I was recording to make them sound more interesting and that’s when I started makin these remixes.

Q: People know your remixes but what people may not know is that you also work with up and coming rappers, recording them on your beats in the studio, or sending them your beats to work on themselves.  Tell us more about this side of your work and who you’ve worked with so far.

A: Its a lot better to work with up and coming rappers than just recordings of the most famous ones. Its cool to see what people do with the beats you send them. I’ve worked with Loggy from California, a rapper from DC, and some local rappers too.

Q: Straight up, What’s next for Big Z?

A: New album in september

Q: Tell us what goes into making a quality beat. Where do you start? What part gives you the most trouble?

A: I guess I just fuck around with my guitar or synth until something sounds good then I build on it from there. And I like to make at least two different parts to every beat cause most beats now are the same loop with the whole song and it gets so boring so I try to change it up. So the hardest part is probably thinking of the second or third part of a beat.

Q: If you could produce a song by anyone in rap game now, who would it be?

A: J. Cole

Q: Do, kill, marry: Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ke$ha.

A: I would probably do Katy Perry and marry Beyonce so I could do her for the rest of my life and I would off Kesha.

Q: What’s you’re favorite song of all-time, if you don’t have one, favorite band, group, or artist?  Did you have any inspirations to get started in the music industry?

A: My favorite album right now is Below The Heavens by Blu & Exile and my favorite band has always been Ratatat. The only music that I can’t stand is country

Q: Describe the style of your beats with just one word.

A: Chill

Q: Big Z, thanks for giving us a little bit about yourself and hopefully well see some more new Big Z on in the near future. What do you say?  Any last thing’s you’d like to share with our viewers?

A: Much more music to come, thanks MusicNBabes for makin a site dedicated to two of the most important things in life

That's whats up, Big Z sharin some time with MusicNBabes for this exclusive MnB interview.  As he said, he's got a new album comin in September and you can download Big Z's current discography of 2 albums in the file below.

Download: Big Z Remixes