Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MnB Exclusive Interview with Mo Sabri of Overnight Classic

Music & Babes: Interview with Mo Sabri of Overnight Classic

Q: So Mo, give us a little background on yourself. Where your from, when you started making some music, did you have any major inspirations?

I'm repping the state Tennessee! I'm from a town called Johnson City. I started making music after I learned how to play guitar in high school. I've always listened to all types of music: hip-hop, rock, techno, everything. Eminem, Kanye, Tupac, and Run DMC are some of my biggest inspirations. Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands so I payed homage to them through my first single "What's Your Name Again?".

Q: How did Overnight Classic come about and where did you come up with the

Overnight Classic just popped in my head one day during senior year of high school and it sounded dope!  Plus it kind of describes the increase in popularity that we've been getting in such short time! People have just been spreading our videos through word of mouth on facebook and we're getting hundreds of thousands of views. I'm stoked to see this type of response from the fans!

Q: Are you currently working on any upcoming singles, mixtapes,
albums etc. that the fans should be looking forward to?

Yeah, we plan on shooting the video for "Love" featuring Elton John soon. Also, I'm currently in the studio working on the next album! But my debut album "Alter Ego" just released a few weeks ago so make sure y'all get that! (

Q: Who would you most want to be on a track with out of any musical artist, hip-hop
or not?

B.o.B! He's one of my favorite artists and he recently gave me and Lupe Fiasco a cameo in one of his videos (The Adventures of Bobby Ray episode 5). I really like his style and flow.

Q: What one word would you use to describe Overnight Classic’s style?


Q: What are your favorite movies and songs of all-time? Why?

I have a lot of favorite movies! Grandma's Boy with Jonah Hill is hilarious, y'all need to watch it. I also like Lord of the homo! The soundtrack on that is amazing. I was trained in classical guitar so I really appreciate a movie with a great soundtrack. 

I have way too many favorite songs! It's probably because I listen to literally every genre (other than country).

Q: Any upcoming concerts? Have you thought about coming up to the northeast?
Maybe having a show in Jersey or New York?

Yeah, right now we are booking concerts and also college shows. We have a lot of big things planned but we're not announcing just yet! But if you go to college or have friends that do, book Overnight Classic to play at your frat or college concert! (

Q: Last Question: We’re not hoes, and we’re not tens, but will you ever
remember our names at Music & Babes again? (If you don’t get this u gotta blast
Overnight Classic’s hit single, What’s Your Name Again, from their album Alter
Ego. Cop that hot track and the rest of Overnight Classic’s album on Itunes)

Haha of course I will remember! I'd never forget my supporters. Hit me up at

Download 4 of Overnight Classic's biggest hits from his album Alter Ego below:

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